Cinema that edifies and liberates us


I am Richie, a cinephile. I watch films compulsively and occasionally write about cinema. My favourite films right of the top of my head at this very moment are Scattered Clouds ( Naruse) ,  Yearning ( Naruse ) , Notes from an itinerant performer (  Shimizu ),   Siddheshwari ( Kaul) , Un Chien Andalou ( Bunuel ) ,  An Autumn Afternoon ( Ozu ) , The Wind will carry us ( Kiarostami ) , Night and Day  ( Hong Sang-Soo) , Inquietude ( Oliveira ) , Flowers of Shanghai ( Hou Hsiao-Hsien ) , Meghe Dhaka Tara ( Ghatak ) , My Darling Clementine ( Ford ), The Phantom Carriage ( Sjostrom ) , Diamonds of the night ( Jan Nemec) and so on…

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  1. since you like girish kasaravalli check out my review of his latest film Kurmawatara..cheers

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